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Duplikationen in 00 – Statement von Bachmann Antworten



I would like to put the record straight on some of the points raised above.

Bachmann had a B1 in their OO Scale range from 1994. This model had been conceived as part of the Mainline Railways range but was not released by them and the tooling was completed for Replica Railways by Kader who released examples between 1987 and 1993. It then became part of the Bachmann Branchline range with an improved chassis and was in the process of being reworked with a new chassis to DCC compatibility when Hornby announced their model in 2011. The DCC compliant model with a new chassis was released in 2011.

Likewise the BR Standard 4MT (75xxx) 4-6-0 has a similar history. It was one of the three original Mainline Railways locomotives announced in 1976 and released that year. After the demise of Mainline the model was released by Replica Railways in 1990. After the end of the Replica Railways / Kader contract this model too passed to Bachmann who produced a new chassis. This model became DCC compliant with a new chassis in 2008 and is in the current range. Hornby introduced their model of the 4MT in 2011.

Bachmann have in recent years avoided duplication where possible, although once the cutting of metal begins it is unavoidable. I would remind readers that Bachmann have worked on a number of projects including the Grange, J15 and J50 and chose not to continue with these when they were announced by others. A considerable amount of work had been done on the J15 with the full cooperation of the locomotive owners and operators who were not aware of any interest from any other manufacturer!

Bachmann has been undertaking a programme of upgrading from split chassis models to new chassis with full DCC compatibility. With over 80% of the OO range now DCC compliant work continues on bringing the other models into line. Currently the J72, J39 and Parallel boiler Royal Scot are going through this process, the V1/V3 2-6-2T and the Ivatt 2MT 2-6-2T have just completed this upgrade.

So to avoid any further duplication, I will reiterate that Bachmann are in the process of making all models DCC compliant and the programme of upgrading previous releases continues alongside new releases.

Hornby models were made in Sanda Kan which was purchased by Kader when it was in severe financial difficulty. In order to maintain confidentiality, Bachmann Europe were not party to any of the work being carried out at Sanda Kan for Hornby or anyone else.

Dennis Lovett
Public Relations Manager
Bachmann Europe Plc

Viele Grüße


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