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Bob_Reid Offline

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23.11.2007 11:23
Hello everyone Antworten

I'll post in English, seeing as how my German is rustier than a Barry hulk...

Following Gordon's post on I thought I'd have a look at your site. You never know, from time to time I might be able to help you with queries.

I have three main modelling interests: Deutsche Bundesbahn in the late 1970s/early 1980s (Wuppertal area), British Railways late 1960s (North West, LNWR/L&Y area) and Network SouthEast third rail area late 1980s/early 1990s "Sectorisation era", also featuring parcels, Railfreight Distribution and InterCity sector trains. I've also dabbled in Irish railway modelling, but it's very much a side interest.

I presently live in Cheshire, and have two websites with railway photographs from Britain and Ireland- see signature.

All the best


Rich (Britische Bahnfotos) (Irische Bahnfotos)

McRuss Offline

IoS Chief Mechanical Engineer

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23.11.2007 13:47
#2 RE: Hello everyone Antworten

Hello Bob,

welcome to our group, I hope you will enjoy reading and writing here.
My interest is British Railways in Scotland in the transition era (mid 50s - mid 60s) and John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid.



Aldwych Offline

the Rolling Bullett

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23.11.2007 18:09
#3 RE: Hello everyone Antworten

Hello Richard,

Im very Happy, you are a Fan about Network Southeast - I love the Livery of the NSE Trains.

I have too late visit London, and my only Ride on a NSE Colored Train are the Waterloo & City Line
see ->
I ride the W&C on the Cab of the Class 482 (now 1992 Tube Stock).

but my other Interest are the Suburban Transport of London (the Old London Tram´s, the Trolleybusses, the Busses and the Underground)

my onyl Englishlanguage Homepage are - but the Contact of the former Stationsupervisor of Shoreditch is broken

best regards and Greetings


Gordon Offline


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24.11.2007 00:18
#4 RE: Hello everyone Antworten

Hi Rich,

a warm welcome to you! Nice to have you here so far away from home!Cheshire is quite a nice place to be, raily Manchester close by and the the well known cheese mmmh...

What do you need to know about the Wuppertal area?

Cheers Gordon

Bob_Reid Offline

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30.11.2007 14:56
#5 RE: Hello everyone Antworten

Better than Manchester, I'm close to Crewe and the West Coast Main Line!

I'm doing OK on my Wuppertal research. I'm planning a layout based on Wuppertal-Cronenberg, and have found plenty of good material. I'm stopping off in Wuppertal on my way to the Czech republic in May- we're picking up the night train there.


Rich (Britische Bahnfotos) (Irische Bahnfotos)

George Hudson Offline

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05.02.2009 12:19
#6 RE: Hello everyone Antworten

Hi Bob

I guess you already know about this organisation?


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