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06.04.2020 02:16
Heljan Channel Tunnel Antworten


Heljan bringt die Channel-Tunnel-Flotte in 1:81 heraus. Das wurde so auf Facebook verkündet (Achtung, Link geht zu Facebook!):

Zitat von
In response to increasing demand for more models from the contemporary era, we are thrilled to reveal that our next big project is the Eurotunnel/GETLink Shuttle Trains.
These impressive 775-metre trains operate on one of the world's busiest rail networks linking Folkestone, England and Coquelles, near Calais in France.
Our models will cover all the major designs within the Eurotunnel fleet, including:
* 9/0, 9/7 and 9/8 Brush/ABB Tri-Bo locomotives
* All three designs of lorry shuttle wagons - FIAT/Breda, Arbel and Waggonbau Niesky
* Covered Tourist Shuttle with DCC-operated telescopic hoods
* Double deck Car Shuttle
In addition, if demand is strong enough, we will also produce the MaK B-B diesel locos, Schoema shunters and scrubber wagons used on tunnel maintenance trains.
Standard features will include DCC-activated loading flaps, telescopic hoods and retractable stabilisers, as per the real wagons. Various DCC lighting and sound functions will also be included as standard, including voice-activated pantographs on all locos. However, the piece de resistance of our new shuttle wagon models will be their factory-fitted guideways for road vehicles making them compatible with the Faller Car System - a world first!
To ensure that modellers can assemble authentic full-length trains, we will produce them in accurate half-length packs of up to 14 wagons, all individually numbered and detailed. Locos will be supplied in twin packs with factory-fitted DCC and sound only.
As these models are expected to be popular on both sides of the Channel (and beyond), we have agreed to produce them to 1:81st scale to avoid any claims of favouritism between UK OO gauge (1:76th) and French HO scale (1:87th) - we believe this is an ideal compromise for all potential customers.
Look out for further updates as this exciting project develops. In the meantime, here are a few photos from our research trip to the enormous Coquelles depot.

Mein Taschenrechner sagt mir, dass 775 Meter im Maßstab 1:81 umgerechnet 9½ Meter entsprechen.

Viele Grüße


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06.04.2020 20:47
#2 RE: Heljan Channel Tunnel Antworten

Baut ihr dann den Tunnel in Modulbauweise?

Si 'tha later!
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06.04.2020 21:09
#3 RE: Heljan Channel Tunnel Antworten

Würde leider das 1:76 vs. 1:87 Problem von durchgehenden Güterzügen, die ja das viel interessantere Thema dabei sind, nicht lösen.

Darganfyddwch Sir Frycheiniog ag Reilfford Dyffryn Wysg
Discover Brecknockshire on the Usk Valley Line

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07.04.2020 02:15
#4 RE: Heljan Channel Tunnel Antworten

Zitat von Yorkshire Lad im Beitrag #2
Baut ihr dann den Tunnel in Modulbauweise?

Modulen liegt ja das Point-to-Point-Betriebskonzept zugrunde. Das bedeutet, man braucht bei 9,5m Zuglänge schon mal 19m zu bauende Modulmeter für die Ladestellen an beiden Enden, noch ohne Weichenstraßen. Wenn man dann noch den eigentlichen Tunnel, der ja dazugehört, mit mindestens 10m Länge nachbauen will, damit der Zug auch ganz hereinpasst, dann ist man schon bei rund 30m.

=> Nein.

Viele Grüße


Yorkshire Lad hat sich bedankt!
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