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16.11.2011 22:29
Presse Release von IXION Antworten

Ein Presse Release von IXION ist eben auf der N yahoogroup aufgetaucht:

Zitat von Linsday O'Reilly on yahoo



Ixion Model Railways wishes to announce that it has sold the tooling and
future production rights for our N gauge 'GWR/BR 'Manor' locomotive to
Dapol Model Railways.

The current Ixion production run of 7819 Hinton Manor (GWR unlined green,
'GWR' on the tender), and 7822 Foxcote Manor (BR lined passenger green,
late crest on tender) will continue to be available as an Ixion-branded
model from Dapol's online shop, and at exhibitions from the Dapol stand.
Once those models are sold, the rights to any future production runs will
pass to Dapol Model Railways.

Ixion Models is now finalising production of its next two models, which
are both 7mm scale O gauge industrial locomotives.

The first, an H Class Manning Wardle 0-4-0ST is a limited-run, hand built
and painted RTR brass model. The second, the Hudswell Clarke 13x20in
0-6-0ST standard contractor's tank, will be the best value RTR steam
engine yet seen in the British O gauge market. Delivery of both models is
expected around New Year. Both the painted pilot model of the Manning
Wardle, and the first complete, running engineering prototype of the
Hudswell Clarke will be available for inspection at the Warley National
Model Railway Exhibition.

For further information, please contact Ixion Model Railways. Our phone
and mail contact details in Australia, and the UK, can be found on out
website:, or email

Phil Badger, Chris Klein and Lindsay O'Reilly
Ixion Model Railways Ltd.



Don't Panic!

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