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 London Transport
battle_damaged Offline

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03.06.2010 08:41
LT rolling stock discovered in film studio Antworten

Good Morning everyone!
This is my first posting, and thank you Dennis for the invitation. I'll write in English, since it is still my mother tongue, but will be happy to continue in German where necessary or desired.

On a visit to the UK in 1989, I collected a hire car at Heathrow and set off for Hampshire. First of all though, I thought I'd visit Shepperton studios, just to see what was going on. Using a little white lie I drove in, parked up, and generally wandered about. Wonderful stuff! They were making Henry the Vth and, elsewhere, Erik the Viking. I bumped into various actors, walked through crowds, looked into those huge studio buildings, wandered through shops offering all manner of props, etc, but what caught my eye was this piece of London Transport rolling stock, 21147, parked opposite the crowd dressing rooms for Henry.

I believe it was also being used as a dressing room, but has anyone seen it since?
Just curious.

Best regards

battle_damaged Offline

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03.06.2010 09:23
#2 RE: LT rolling stock discovered in film studio Antworten

In this age of search engines, I really didn't think to search myself before posting. Had I done so, I might not have posted!

Anyway, the search lead me to Walthamstow Pumphouse, to Mangapps Farm (first time I heard that one), and the latest showing up in as being at Hanwell. I wonder.....doesn't seem likely, does it

Aldwych Offline

the Rolling Bullett

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03.06.2010 10:26
#3 RE: LT rolling stock discovered in film studio Antworten

Ich bin ein großer Fan der Londoner Underground ... (mein Ursprung meines UK Eisenbahnhobbys!)

das ist einer der Wagen der an die moderneren R-Stock der District (Aluminiumaufbau) lackiert wurde (damit diese etwas stimmig ist!) ... so ein Original Aluminiumwagen steht im Acton Works des LT Museums!

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