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the Rolling Bullett

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19.06.2008 22:23
4Cig (Class 421 Slammer) ready to Run! Antworten


und wieder ist ein Schienenklassiker auferstanden - und dazu überhaupt kein Offizielles Museumsfahrzeug!

es ist die Class 421 (4Cig) Unit 1881 in der Farbgebung der Southwest Trains Lackierung - dieser stand im MoD Shoeburyness.

Classic Slam Door Electric Train To Return to the Mainline

Bruce Knights, Managing Director of Knights Rail Services Ltd has today announced his agreement to purchase the remaining 63 stock EMU vehicles in store at MOD Shoeburyness, with the express intention of returning a Southern Region slam door electric train to the mainline.

The ex Fratton Depot 4 car CIG unit 1881 is considered to be in excellent condition and will be reinstated for occasional mainline use by the technical teams at Eastleigh Works, where the slam door trains were overhauled and maintained throughout their lives. The former Southern Railway Works at Eastleigh, shut by Alstom in 2006, was reopened by Knights Rail last year and has a healthy and growing rail business once again. The site retains its electrified third rail system in active use and has the heavy engineering workshops necessary to maintain the trains.

The vehicles will be renovated as a commercial venture designed to showcase the capabilities and expertise of KRS and Eastleigh Works. They will also be used to provide training for engineers and technicians learning about electric traction systems.

Bruce Knights commented

“I’ve wanted to get one of these trains back running again for many years and seeing the immaculate blue VEP 3417 at Swanage in May tipped me over the edge. I would have dearly loved to acquire that one but it’s already spoken for, so 1881 it is. The other vehicles we have purchased would need extensive work to bring them back into service and it may make sense to look around for another sound 4 car unit to join 1881.

Electric trains parked off the power are a bit like Concorde in a museum, in that you really need to see them in action to appreciate them properly. We are uniquely placed to run these classic electric trains, having all the facilities, resources and expertise to do it. Whilst I will be quite happy to lend our units to preserved lines from time to time, the real purpose is to run them back over their old routes under power, whilst giving hands on training to the next generation of engineers. Of course, when the day comes that we run a classic 8 car slam door EMU into a London Terminus you can expect me to be grinning from ear to ear”

The purchased units 1881 and 1304, along with a hybrid made from vehicles from 3536 and 1884 will be moved to the Knights Rail’s Eastleigh Works in July for assessment. Unit 1881 will be re-commissioned into mainline running status over the next 6 months, initially for use in multiple with class 73s but later for use on its own. The issues concerning fitment of OTMR and secondary door locking are under investigation. It is hoped that some or all of the vehicles will feature in a celebration of Eastleigh Works centenary in 2009.

Knights Rail Services Ltd is a £2M turnover privately owned railway services business formed in 2001. It operates its train decontamination and asbestos removal business from Shoeburyness in Essex and leases Eastleigh Works in Hampshire for railway rolling stock activities. 1963 Stock is the group name for the famous slam door electric trains that operated on the South London lines until 2005. Apart from 6 coaches operated by Southwest Trains on the short Lymington branch, no units remain in active service.

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21.06.2008 19:33
#2 RE: 4Cig (Class 421 Slammer) ready to Run! Antworten
Hier die Beschreibung der Class 421 aus Wikipedia übersetzt und mit einem Foto:

So kann man sich das besser vorstellen.

Beste Grüße


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