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17.04.2011 23:34
Sutton Coldfield Exhibition 2011 Antworten

Sutton Coldfield Exhibition is always worth a visit. With layouts in N,009,H0,00 and EM and various trade stands, selling second hand,new models,with one selling all the bits and pieces(kits), books and a large stall selling tools.Robin took some photos from the different layouts. The lighting in the Halls was a bit of a problem, but we wanted to share the scenes.If anybody has problems with the english please let me know.there was even a London suburban layout with third rail and an Underground station with trains running under the station. If anybody has any questions to the layouts I will try to answer them.I was able to get some books, DVDs, kits and scenics.On retuning to my mothers home we went and had a look at the Rudyard Lake Steam Railway and were able to see the last train train for the day arrive, it is a 10 and 1/4 inch gauge steam railway, starting on the site of Rudyard station and running alongside Rudyard lake on the churnet valley trackbed.(
Dominic and Robin
Added bonus:A charter train on the west coast mainline with Mk.2s in Virgin livery and top and tailed 67s, including a royal one.{67006 and 67025}

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