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TWICK9 Offline

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06.03.2012 15:01
LINESEND on SEA Antworten

My first post in ages due to health isues and the fact that my last layout Briford has been broken up. I have now started a new layout called "LINESEND on SEA", A small southern terminus set in early 60s, It has a small layout over the return loop for my grand-son to play with. A new Farish green 4CEP arrived today and must say I'm very impressed with it.Regards Brian.

MacRat Offline

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06.03.2012 21:20
#2 RE: LINESEND on SEA Antworten

Good to see you back, Hope you're well. I like the idea with the second layout on top of the other. Could you access the hidden tracks if a loco derails?


Don't Panic!

McRuss Offline

IoS Chief Mechanical Engineer

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06.03.2012 21:45
#3 RE: LINESEND on SEA Antworten

Hello Twick9,

I hope you're well. The pictures of your layout look great. More please.


TWICK9 Offline

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07.03.2012 10:06
#4 RE: LINESEND on SEA Antworten

Hi Markus & Mac & Thanks for your comments, I have cancer but it's being treated.I broke up Briford because I was told I hadn't long to live but after I sold every thing they came up with a new treatment which hopefully should give me a few more years, So I decided to start a new layout.It's very much smaller than the old one and still in an early stage but I'm modifying as many of the buildings from Briford as I can to fit. Yes Mac the whole of the small layout lifts up to gain access to the return loop and the raised road at the back of the layout lifts out to get to the three storage sidings underneath. Regards Brian.

dixie Offline

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07.03.2012 10:07
#5 RE: LINESEND on SEA Antworten

Hello Brian,

welcome back ! It's good to see you again. Your layout looks great, very well done. I hope to read more of "Linesend on Sea".

Best wishes

klaus (dixie)

Smile to the world - and the world will smile with you ! (als dixie auch bei, und - meine Homepage:

TWICK9 Offline

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07.03.2012 10:16
#6 RE: LINESEND on SEA Antworten

Hi Klaus, Thanks for your welcome back. I hope your fit & well. Best wishes Brian.

Phil Offline


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07.03.2012 19:58
#7 RE: LINESEND on SEA Antworten

Dear Brian,

your new Layout Linesend on Sea is very impressive - especially the trackwork including the third rail looks great. I`m still waiting for a 4-CEP in NSE-Livery but the problem is that I cannot really upgrade my Philtown Branch-Layout with third rail - for this reason it will be necessary to build a new layout for those superb EMU´s...

Best regards,


TWICK9 Offline

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08.03.2012 10:41
#8 RE: LINESEND on SEA Antworten

Hi Phil and thanks. I was lucky that the 4-CEP was announced before I decided to put the third rail in, and I hadan't ballasted the track.
Regards Brian.

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