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TWICK9 Offline

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31.08.2010 17:14
Briford Antworten

My N Gauge layout is set in the transitional period of British Railways, and is set in the southwest of England in some fictitious place where Western & Southern Regions share the main lines.

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Phil Offline


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31.08.2010 17:26
#2 RE: Briford Antworten

Very impressive, Brian - I`m looking forward to see more pictures of this superb layout!

Regards, Phil

McRuss Offline

IoS Chief Mechanical Engineer

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31.08.2010 18:12
#3 RE: Briford Antworten

Hello Brian,

that looks very good.


George Hudson Offline

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31.08.2010 18:27
#4 RE: Briford Antworten

Very impressive work Brian, I particularly like the low level shot. Could you upload more pictures?

dixie Offline

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01.09.2010 01:01
#5 RE: Briford Antworten

Hello dear Brian,

although I've seen some pics of "Briford" already before, I need say : I'm still very impressed ! I love all those small details, you've used and the "low-level-picture" especially. VERY NICE work, Brian ! Let's see more of Briford, please !!!

Best regards

klaus (dixie)

Smile to the world - and the world will smile with you ! (als dixie auch bei, und - meine Homepage:

TWICK9 Offline

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01.09.2010 08:29
#6 RE: Briford Antworten

Thank you Gentlemen for you kind words. Briford was started nine years ago and was basically finished seven years later although work is still ongoing as far as scenery detailing is concerned. The layout is 9’x10’and to aid access and help give an eye level view the baseboard was built 3’ 6” off the floor. There are hidden sidings which store the 19 complete trains for main and suburban lines. The layout is run on DC with Gaugemaster controllers, as most of the 41 locos are old it would not be worth converting them to DCC, I can run four trains + a shuttle into the bay platform at one time.

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Belfast & County Down Offline

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01.09.2010 09:26
#7 RE: Briford Antworten

Many British model railway layouts remember me of famous British painters like John Constable and their paintings, because of all the lovely detailed scenes one can discover on the layouts.
Here it is the same.
Well done!

Best wishes

McRuss Offline

IoS Chief Mechanical Engineer

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01.09.2010 18:32
#8 RE: Briford Antworten

Hello Brian,

the pictures of your layout looks great.
More please


blackmoor_vale Offline


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01.09.2010 19:54
#9 RE: Briford Antworten

I am also a fan from Constable. His pictures incorporates the spirit of the "good old times".

For more deeper background look:

Best greetings


TWICK9 Offline

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03.09.2010 09:03
#10 RE: Briford Antworten

A few more of the scenes on Briford, the black and white one's where taken years ago and have changed since. Regards Brian.

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lion_1968 Offline

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03.09.2010 10:15
#11 RE: Briford Antworten

Very nice layout. I like it.

j.v.berndt Offline


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03.09.2010 23:08
#12 RE: Briford Antworten



i think also, that is a very beautiful layout.

Jörg, mit freundlichem Gruss aus Sachsen

TWICK9 Offline

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06.09.2010 11:26
#13 RE: Briford Antworten

Thank you Jurg, Markus, Torsten, Stefan, and jorg . Here are three more of Briford , The first one of the engine sheds is an early one, and the green vegetation on right is no longer there. ( I removed it to make a bigger operating area ) The last two show the end of the layout where the storage sidings are hidden, covers down and up.

Regards, Brian.

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dixie Offline

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11.09.2010 23:55
#14 RE: Briford Antworten

Hello Brian - and all the other readers,

I am deeply impressed. Your room must be huge, some meters in every direction. When I see the long trains running there, I can't come to another conclusion.
I really love all those small details, even sales prices on the car screens ! And all the other tiny things, you created...

Very well done, Brian !!!

Kind regards to all of you

klaus (dixie)

Smile to the world - and the world will smile with you ! (als dixie auch bei, und - meine Homepage:

TWICK9 Offline

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12.09.2010 15:39
#15 RE: Briford Antworten

Hi Klaus and all. Thanks for your comments. The layout is housed in a garage and is around 3m square. I’ve tried to draw a track plan of Briford but I am know good with computer graphics and just as bad trying to draw it freehand, so I stitched some photos together to give you some idea of the track plan. Also one of the other end and a couple of small scenes. Regards Brian.

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